Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh My Gosh! Good News from Julie, Bad News from McKenna

Hi guys!!! It's Julie! I am so happy! Brooke got me a phone! I am so happy! It's orange and super cute, and now, it is one less thing McKenna can brag about! Cuz mine is bigger, better, and newer!    

-- Peace out, people!  
     Julie <3

UGGGHHHHHH! OH MY GOSH! Brooke was at her school's book fair yesterday, and she, as you already know, got Julie a phone. Guess what she came back with for me. NOTHING. And, worst of all, one of the books she got was . . . . . . .. GULP . . . .  Saige! My life is over!!! She even said, "Wow, I have a lot more appreciation for the Saige doll now that I am reading her book." Ugggh! And, she entered the Saige contest long ago. Just as I was getting over that teribble, horrible, tradgedy, she hits me with THIS! Now my life is ruined! 

-- Good bye everyone. :(((((

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