Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Favorites of The New AG Items

Hi everyone! Recently, American Girl came out with a whole new set of items! Today, I will be talking about my favorites.

First of all, the new dolls!

I have been wanting a doll like this to come out for ever! She is so pretty!

 This doll is so cute and unique!

Now, onto the new clothing items!

 This is soooo cute! I love the mixture of the skirt and sweater together!

This is ADORABLE! I am serious, this is my new favorite AG outfit!

This whole set is so cute! It makes playing with your pet so much more fun!

This is very cute, I love the colors!

Yayy! I was so sad when AG got rid of the old basketball outfit, but I love this one even more! And, since Olivia is a basketball player, I will probably be buying this.

This is so cute! I could see McKenna in this :)

And last but not least,furniture and accessories.

 This is so cute! And, with everything it comes with for only $150, (ha, isn't it sad how nowadays, in the AG world, that's a steal?!?!) I might consider it!

This is adorable! It's much better than mine right now, its made of a shoe box!
This is so amazing! Teaching doll school would be way more fun with this set!

This is such a good idea! I wish they made these in real life.

This is the coolest idea EVER! And its only $12!!! I am sooo getting this soon!

Those are all my favorites! What are your favorite new things on American Girl?

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