Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Opinion On the Saige Movie

Hey everyone! As you know, the premiere of Saige's movie, Saige Paints the Sky, was on tv Saturday night! Today, I will be giving you all my opinions on the movie.

My overall grade for this movie is a  B.
Here's why:

Storyline: I was really disappointed with Gabi's character. They completely changed her!!! I was super excited to see her train Saige's dog, and train Picasso to paint! But, they changed her. She was a fashion designer who drew anime cartoons for fun. That was super disappointing.

Acting: I feel like in some parts, the acting was SUPER cheesy. Like, for me,especially in the beginning when Saige is getting ready for school. And, some parts Saige had some major attitude problems, unrealistic, even.
But, while it was a very cute, fun  movie, I wish they had stuck to the story line more. I feel like AG NAILED that in the McKenna movie, but that is just me.

What did you think of the Saige movie?


  1. I saw this movie, and I must agree that gabi's story was twisted, and I didn't like that, but what annoyed me most was some of the cheesy acting. Especially gabi's. her acting was so bad in my opinion, I'm sorry to say. Overall I give it a A-

  2. Okay, so maybe I changed my mind a little. Even though some of the acting was bad, and so was the story line, the music replaced it for me. I'm a lot like Tessa, so all the music was just amazing to me.