Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Twinkies Are Back!!!

Hey girls its Julie here, with some awesome news! About a week ago, the company Hostess came back! And you know what that means...... Twinkies are back!!! We missed them so much, so we just had to go to
 the store and get some!

 Want to make some for your dolls? Just follow these simple instructions:

All you need is a golden-yellow color of felt, some stuffing, and a little bit of sewing skills.

Cut out a square or rectangle of felt, and place the stuffing in the middle for size.

Cut the square/rectangle exactly in half.

Thread a needle, and sew the pieces together using the crossover stitch. Be sure to keep one of the smaller ends open.

When you are done sewing, turn it inside out. Then, stuff it full with stuffing!

Sew the open end closed, and....

You're done! Now, to enjoy my delicious twinkie!

Hey, Olivia, what are you doing?!?! And where's my twinkie?!

*Burrrp *Oh, right, hehe, where did that go? Uhh, twinkies rule!

Uggh, oh well, I'm off to go make another twinkie. Peace out, peoples.

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