Friday, July 26, 2013

This or That: New American Girl Items!

Hi everyone, its about time for another this or that, and what better thing to do it on than AG'S new items?

JLY number 59 or JLY number 60?


 Flower Sweater and Skirt set or Striped Hoodie Outfit?

School Days outfit or Tropical Bloom outfit?

Talent Show set or Witch Costume?

2-in-1 Track Outfit or Basketball Outfit?

School Locker Set or Campus Snack Cart?

Science Lab Set or School Backpack Set?

Stackable Lunch Set or Delicious Breakfast?

My Opinions:
JLY #59, She looks just like me!
Striped Hoodie, I love colored denim!
Tropical Bloom, I love the colors!
Talent Show set, it is so cute and fun!
2-in-1 track, I love the two colors!
School locker set, SOO fun!
Science lab set, it would make school awesome!
Stackable Lunch set, they should make those in real life!

Those are just my opinions, I would love to hear yours! Just comment below with your answers!

1 comment:

  1. 1. #60, she's my twin!
    2. Striped Hoodie
    3. Tropical Bloom
    4. Talent Show
    5. 2-in-1 Track
    6. Campus Snack Cart
    7. Science Lab
    8. Delicious Breakfast