Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hi!!! ~By Olivia

Hi! Guess what?! Julie is teaching me how to read! I used to hate reading, but now I am really good at it! We read Felicity every day, and then we get to act out what we read, using our Felicity doll! It is so much fun! But I also want to tell you guys some of the best pranks you can pull on your sisters, or even your mom!

1. Write on them when they're sleeping! Mustaches, moles, gateaus, and glasses are the best!

2.  Put whipped cream on their face!Tickle their nose with a feather when they're asleep! Then, if you are lucky, they will grab their face and get whipped cream all over them!

3. If you are having a sleepover, convince on of the girls to sleep in an ultra comfy chair! In the morning, pull the chair out on to the balcony, and cover them with stuffed animals!

Hahhhhaaa anyway, whatever you do, do NOT SHOW THIS TO ANY OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS! Have a great day!

~Olivia (AKA, Agent Doggie)

Here is one of my best ones yet!!! ~~   <---------- Hahh I made a mustache!

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  1. Those are some GREAT Pranks to pull on mom!!!:D XD!!!

    ~Caroline~(hacked moms blogger account!!!! MWAHAHA)