Monday, February 18, 2013

Mission ESGOTY13 -- By McKenna

Hello everyone. It is McKenna. I am here to discuss a very secret matter, mission esgoty13. And, let's hope you can see through the secret message. I have put it in code.

Agent McKenna here.  We need to exterminate termites. They are eating Saige's art work right out of the catalog. I think it's important to call some help. We need your help. It would be terrible if the termites ate our house. Before you make comments, read this last piece of information. I have asked school kids for help already. We can all make posters to advertise. This will be fun. You agree with me? To join, you must have expierience with termites. You'll have to get information from books about extermination.  You should get rid of any old extermination juice before coming. I hope you, Saige, Caroline, any of oyur dolls will join and help with the extermination process.

 Over and out-- Agent McKenna  Can you crack the code?


  1. Oh, Mckenna, Mckenna. How do I help?

    1. HMMMM Let's see. Since, sadly, there is no way we can permenantly reomve Saige, we should brainstorm ideas on how to get the McKenna collection more popular than Saige's. I will post some ideas soon!

      ~Agent McKenna