Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tributes to the McKenna Doll -- WE LOVE HER!!!

Hi everyone,this is Julie. This is my very first post on here and I am really excited. Well, the reason I am here is because McKenna wants us to say good stuff about McKenna to bring back her popularity. So hre is my contribution.  

~McKenna is my 2nd favorite GOTY (after me, of course!)
~McKenna is really pretty and unique
~McKenna's collection was my favoritest ever

That is the end of my coments. Now here is Peyton's.

Hi everyone, it's Peyton! Here are some of my favorite things about the McKenna doll:

{She is really pretty}
{Her complection is stunning}
{Her loft bed was amazing}

Now here is Olivia's comments!

hi evrybuddy how ar yoo? i am good. hear ar my favrite things aboutt mckennnna

bleu i's
long hair
pretty stuff

Yayyy! I got my sisters to say awesome stuff about the McKenna doll!!! Guys, I think this is just the beginning of a whole new movement!

P.S. We have new code names!

~Agent Fairy~ (McKenna)
--Agent Llama~ (Julie)
{Agent Turtle} (Peyton)
Agent Doggie (Olivia)

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