Monday, February 4, 2013

My Newly Arranged Doll Room!

Hey everyone! A couple of days ago, I decided to rearrange my doll room! I am so glad I did, too, because this is my favorite way I have ever had it! Here are some pictures.
Here is an overview of one half of it.

Here is the other half.

Here is a bed I got from Ikea for $20! My mom and I made the blanket on it.       
Here is their daybed that I made out of a cardboard box.

Here are their pillows and stuffed animals.
A gift card collage.
Here is a floating shelf I made out of a mini doll box.
Here is my random tower of boxes :)
Here is a closeup of the panda and "The Hunger Games".
Here is the garden boots box that I use as a cubby to keep their books, games, etc..
I keep the dog toys on top.
Their desk is in the corner along with their backpack.
Here is McKenna's phone!
Here is a poster I made!
Here are some stuffed animals that are on the bottom of the lamp.
Here is Chase and Honey in their Comfy and Cozy Pet Bed!
Here is the doll shower I made by watching a myfroggystuff video on youtube!
McKenna's "loft bed" that has a fireplace on the front :)
Here is a closeup of the bed, with Snoopy!
Their wardrobe that I got from Target for $54.99!!!
Here is their kitchen set, also from Target.
Here is a chair that I found in my attic. The guitar sits on it.
Here is a locker type thingy that I made out of an AG box. It used to be a horizontal book shelf, but it works great for a locker!

That is the end of my doll room! I hope you all liked it!


  1. Hi Brooke. I love your doll room. It's so neat! I like how you used boxes for shelves. I think I'll try it sometime. I just became your follower. I hope you could visit my blog soon :)

    1. Thank you so much! I will check out your blog!