Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dolls I Would Love to Have!

Today, I decided to put together a list of dolls I would LOVE to have ( Even though I would be extremely lucky to get one of these)! Here they are!

This doll is my favorite! I would name her either Abby or Lizzie.
I love her hair! I would name her Alyssa.
I love this doll because she looks like my best friend. I would name her Ashley!
I LOVE this doll! I saw her in GOTYS Music in Me series, and I have loved her ever since! I would name her Alex.
I like this doll because she looks like Mia. I wold name her Mia!
I would make these dolls twins, because they kind of look alike. I would name them Sarah and Sammy.

I like this doll because she is unique. She isn't your typical blonde haired, blue eyed doll. I would name her Brooklyn.
I've always liked Marie-Grace, I think she is so pretty!
I love Caroline's long, blonde, wavy hair!
Even though she took Samantha's place :( I have to admit, she is really pretty!
What dolls would you like to have? Do you have any that I listed?

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