Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was Olivia's eighth birthday, and she and her sisters had such blast celebrating! In honor of her birthday, McKenna made some really cute decorations in her favorite colors; green, yellow and pink! Here are some pictures of this fun day!

Here is Olivia standing in the decorated living room!

The table with pizza, plates, cups, drinks, food, and....
The cake! I had to make it in the shape of a teddy bear, because teddy bears are Olivia's favorite toy!
Here is the pile of presents. I wonder what's in them!
Here is a poster Peyton made.
Olivia's Happy Birthday banner :)
Present time!
From McKenna: 3 American Girl gift cards, a gift card to anywhere, and a gift card to Justice.
From Julie: Two necklaces and a ring!
From Peyton: A slinky, super ball, top, and pack of Hello Kitty cards.
From me (Brooke): A doll house and a Washington DC quarter (they are super rare)

There they are eating their pizza dinner!
Then, when it was time to sing Happy Birthday, McKenna got the guitar out and played it while they all sang it!
 Now, as a family tradition, McKenna, Julie, and Peyton will say eight (b/c Olivia turned 8) things they love about Olivia!


1. You have such a sweet heart!
2. Your love for stuffed animals in incredible!
3. You are always willing to play with me!
4.I rarely hear you complain!
5. You are always the optimistic one of the family!
7. I am amazed at how well you can read and write your name!     
8. You are the funniest eight year old I know :)   

Happy Birthday Olivia! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Olivia! It looks like you had a lot of fun. :)

    1. Thank you so much, I did have a great time! ~Olivia