Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun Braids: How They Look overnight!

Yesterday, I decided to do a little expirement. I had literally JUST figured out how to do a french braid (sad, huh?!?), and I was so excited to try all forms of them on my dolls!

I did french braids on Julie (they are supposed to be like Prim's from the Hunger Games).
Here's how they turned out:

Then, I did a normal one on McKenna.
Here's how it turned out:

So, I decided to leave them in over night to see what their hair would look like when I took the braids out.

This is what Julie's looked like:

And here's what McKenna's looked like:

Well, as you can see, nothing drastic happened :( But, both of their hair got a little bit more wavy, so, yay for wavy hair!!! :)


  1. If you keep their hair in tight french braids for a bout a week, then you'll end up with curly-headed dolls!

    1. Really?! Cool! I'll have to try that sometime!