Wednesday, January 9, 2013

McKenna's Big Meet

Hi everyone! Today, McKenna had a really big gymnastics meet, it was her first meet being on the Regional Competitve team! She did so well, too! I decided to make a photostory out of it. Enjoy!

McKenna's Big Meet

It was January 6th, the day of McKenna's HUGE meet! She would be the only one competing from her gymnastics group, and there was only one spot to move on to level 2 of the regional competitive team!

"Wow, here I am!" said McKenna under her breath as she walked through the doors of the gym she would be competing at. It was huge, and she could see tons of other girls from other teams waiting to compete.

"Wow..." McKenna said under her breath.
   One of the first things she saw were her two sisters at the bleachers, cheering her on. Peyton had a volleyball game, and couldn't come.
Then, she had to go over to the judging table to sign in.
"Name" siad the lady. "McKenna, McKenna Brooks," she said. "Alright, your over by the balance beam. Good luck." She said, as if she had said it a million times before and was getting tired of it.

So she went to her place by the balance beam to start warming up. 
Wow, she thought as she stretched. There are ALOT of people here!

It was a really long time before McKenna got called up, but finally, she heard her name called.

"Next up, we have McKenna Brooks of the regional competitive team of Seattle, Washington!" 
Her heart was pounding when she got up on the beam to start her routine.

Blue sky in........ Gray sky out, she said as she took a deep breath.

And before she knew it, she was flipping and flying through the air.
I'm really doing it!!!
And.... She stuck her landing!
"Yesss!!!" She could hear her sisters in the background. "That's my sister! Ohh yeah! Woo! Go McKenna!''
Then, she sat back down to wait for the announcement of the winners.
"In third place, from New York City, New York...... Sarah Johnson! In second place, from Los Angeles California..... Ashlee Thompson! And, the one girl moving on to Level 2 is..... McKenna Brooks of Seattle Washington!!!"

McKenna was so excited as she went to stand on the first place podium!

Woo hoo! We are all so proud of McKenna!

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