Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Backyard Adventure

Hi everyone, McKenna here! Yes, that's right, I am the oldest sister in our family!  I am also the reporter of the family. So, today, as well as our usual Saturday games, hosted by ME, I suggested we explore Brooke's backyard. So, I took the liberty of being the reporter and photographer of our adventure.

Here you see Olivia and I examining the huge hill in the back of her backyard. 
Peyton and Julie actually climbed all the way to the top!

Julie and Olivia climbed a tree, too!
Here's Peyton and I on our newly discovered castle!!!
In the end, we all sat down to take everything in.

And that's the end of our backyard adventure. It was so much fun!
Photography, Courtesy of ME
Report, Courtesy of ME

And this was NOT posted by Brooke, I will not let her take credit for this! This was posted by MCKENNA!


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