Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This or That!

Well, it's about time for another "This or That"! Here it is!

Marie Grace or Cecile?

Saige's Meet Outfit or Sparkle Dress?

Rebecca's bed or Kit's bed?

Sweet Savannah Dress or Petals and Posies Dress?

Caroline Mini doll or Julie Mini doll?

I Love Pets earrings or I Love Sports earrings?

Casual Chic Outfit or Cozy Sweater outfit?

Allergy free lunch or school lunch set?

Campus Cheer outfit or Skating Set?

Fancy Riding Outfit or Western Riding Outfit?

JLY #49 or JLY#55?


  1. 1. Cecile
    2. Meet outfit
    3. Kit's bed
    4. Petals and posies
    5. Julie
    6. I Love Pets
    7. Cozy Sweater Outfit
    8. Both
    9. Campus Cheer Outfit
    10. Fancy Riding Outfit
    11. JLY #55

  2. 1. Both
    2. Sparkle Dress
    3. Rebecca's
    4. Petals and Posies
    5. Julie
    6. I Love Sports
    7. Cozy Sweater Outfit
    8. School Lunch Set
    9. Skating Set
    10. Western Riding Outfit
    11. JLY #49 (I have her!)

    ~ Jess :)