Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Saige - Girl of the Year 2013

Hi everyone, and happy new year! I am so excited about Saige, the new GOTY! I think she is sooo pretty, and I like most of her things.

1. Starting with Saige, herself. She is so pretty, and I love her long, red hair. She would be a great addition to my doll collection, as I do not have any red headed dolls. I know what you all are thinking, though. I would agree that she looks almost exactly like Nicki, and closely resembles Felicity. However, that doesn't really create a problem for me, since I don't have either doll. Also, did any of you noticed her pierced ears?!?! I am super excited about that!I  think she is so pretty!!! (I also LOVE her meet outfit!)

2. Saige's Sweater Outfit is SOOOOOOO adorable!!! I am going to buy this ASAP!!! I love the design on the sweater, and the leggings and sandals make it even cuter! This is BY FAR my most favorite AG outfit ever!!!!!!

3. Saige's Pajamas: Hmmmmmmmm.......... These are kind of strange. The design is weird, and I don't really like the gray and pinkish - orange colors together.They are kind of cute, but I will not be buying them.

4. Saige's Parade Outfit: While this is very cute, I will probably not be buying this, because I already have a horse riding outfit.

5. Saige's Sparkle Dress is very cute, and I love the pink and gold together, and it looks especially cute on Saige! I love the boots, too!

6. Saige's Horse and Saddle set: I'm not a huge fan of the horse being so speckled, but I still won't get either part of the set because I already have a horse and saddle.

7. Saige's Accessories are very cute! I love the pattern of the bag, and the earrings are really pretty, too!

8. Saige's dog is very cute!!! I love border collies, and he is an especially cute one. If I did get him though, I would change his name. Rembrandt doesn't seem very doggish to me;)

9. Saige's Hot Air Balloon: While this is very cute, I will not be buying it, because I can't really think of a good use for it.
10. Saige's Painting Set: I love this! It is so cute, and I am once again blown away by American Girl's attention to detail!

Overall, I love Saige and her stuff. I think AG did a great job this year. What do you think of Saige?

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