Friday, January 4, 2013

My Doll School

One of my favorite things to do with my dolls is play school. I teach McKenna and Julie, who are in fourth grade. My doll school is under my desk, but I love it anyway!

Here is an overview so you can see that it is under my desk.

This is one of my most favorite thing in the little school! When I was in fourth grade (that was my favorite year!) my teacher had one of these, except bigger, of course. Each color means something different, as you can see. When we were being good, she would say, "Move your clip up," and we would move it to the next color. Our goal was to get to purple, outstanding by the end of the day. This brings back happy memories!
These are also from fourth grade. We would get to "apply" for what classroom job we wanted.
McKenna's table is table 1, Julie's is table 2.
Lunch stars are what we do at my school. If we are quiet at the end of lunch, we get a star. By the end of the month, if we have 10, we get a longer recess. So far this class is off to a good start!
You can't really see this, but it's a schedule for their day.
Here's their lunch menu.
Their weekly spelling words.
My "whiteboard", AKA, a piece of paper:)
The world map from the AG doll school book.
That's my doll school! I hope you all liked it!

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