Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Dolls

I have 3 American Girl dolls; McKenna, Julie (origanally Chrissa), and Olivia. I have one Our Generation doll, Peyton.

1. Julie was my first ever doll. She was the Girl of the Year 2009, and I love her so  much! She is the second oldest after McKenna.

Favorite Color: Red
Sports: Horse back riding, swimming
Dream job: Chef
Favorite Subject: Math
Age: 9

2. Peyton was my second doll. She is an Our Generation doll from Target, and I love her, except for her hair. It got matted within a month, but she is still a pretty good doll!

Favorite Color: Pink
Sports: Volleyball, Tennis
Dream job: Teacher
Favorite Subject: Science
Age: 8 1/2

3. Olivia was my third doll. I got her Christmas 2011, and she is My AG number 57. She looks exactly like me, except for her hair, because mine is a lot longer. She is the baby sister of the family.

Favorite Color: Yellow, Neon green
Sports: Track and Basketball
Dream job: Veterenarian
Favorite Subject: Recess

4. McKenna is my most recent doll, but the oldest. Since she is a GOTY, she is in 4th grade. So is Julie, but Julie was born in December and McKenna was born in July. So they're really only 6 or 7 months apart.

Favorite Color: Lime green, purple
Sports: Gymnastics
Dream Job: Olympic gold medalist, Doctor
Favorite Subject: Reading and Writing
Age: 9 1/2

Those are all my dolls! What doll(s) do you have?